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Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting Analysis

What is Handwriting Analysis?
Every human being, at some point of time, is curious to know about himself and what personality type he is. In some ways we are all the same. We all have the same human nature. We share a common humanity. We all have human bodies and human minds, we all have human thoughts and human feelings. Yet in other ways we are all completely different and unique. No two people are truly alike. No two people can ever have the same experience of life, the same perspective, the same mind.

Even identical twins are unique in this respect. So if we say that every human being is unique, so is our handwriting.Though some individual traits of two handwritings match, having the same traits and same formations in two different handwritings is very very rare or impossible.Just like our fingerprints.

Handwriting Analysis is a modern form of psychology that identifies personality traits and human character through handwrititng.

Handwriting is accurate because once someone learns to write, the structure of the actual handwriting is handed over to the power of the subconscious mind.Your handwriting changes as your personality evolves or changes as a reaction to life’s many positive and negative events.

What does our handwriting reveal?

Your handwriting can reveal almost all the traits of your personality.Right from the depth of your emotions to expressing these emotions.Also other personality traits likeConcentration, thinking patterns, descision making, social aptitude, determination, persistence, sexual drives, imagination, fears and many other traits can easily be identified through the science of Graphology.

Applications of Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting Analysis finds its applications in almost every field.There are many uses of Handwriting Analysis.Below are the most popular applications
  • 1

    Self Improvement :

    Knowing yourself and your personality type along with your strengths and weaknesses is the most important application of Handwriting Analysis.This gives you an idea about where you stand and what needs to be improved…..Know more (Mail on

  • 2

    Dating And Compatibility :

    Handwriting Analysis can be an ice breaker at gatherings and meeting new people.Plus it can also be a perfect tool to find out a perfect partner for dating and also is effective for analyzing the compatibility of couples before and after marriage. …..Know more (Mail on

  • 3

    Child Psychology :

    Handwriting Analysis can be an accurate tool to know what is happening in a child’s mind and can give many inputs to his behavior. …..Know more (Mail on

  • 4

    Business :

    Anyone entering into business transaction should first analyze what is on the page of his or her prospective partner.This will not only keep a check on wrong people entering your business but will also help in making proper decisions to increase your profit and income. …..Know more (Mail on

  • 5

    Health issues :

    Many therapists, psychologists, coaches, doctors and other professionals learn this skill to give insights into their patients. …..Know more (Mail on

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