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About Graphology

Have you ever wondered if you could know a person by just looking at his handwriting? Yes,that’s possible;through the science called Graphology or simply”Handwriting Analysis” which gives access to many many personality traits which can be seen through one’s handwriting. So if you ever wondered ….

What your strengths are?
What your weaknesses are?
How deep your emotions are?
How intelligent you are?
How reliable a person is?
Which career you should opt for?
Which employee should you hire?
How compatible your spouse is?

Believe me,answers to all these and many more questions can be effectively answered through the science of Graphology. Imagine if you have the ability to look at anyone's handwriting and spot their deep dark secrets, fears, esteem, honesty and dozens of other hidden personality traits.

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Write Attitude is committed to be a leading institute in the field of graphology using its quality based knowledge in understanding the human behavior and helping people in transforming their lives and making them capable to achieve their dreams


Establishing a flawless system and building a team of experts in the field of graphology by creating a healthy environment where people learn to understand the human emotions without any judgements and discriminations thereby making this planet a better place to live in

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