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Handwriting Analysis Training in Indian

Handwriting Analysis is a modern form of psychology that identifies personality traits and human character through handwriting.This involves most of the personality traits of a person and goes really deep into exploring the hidden potential and strength of a person.So once you get your handwriting analyzed you automatically get tempted to know more about the science and the eventually about you and the people around you.The training conducted is a process of transformation in itself.You get into the auto mode of transformation as the training progresses from the Basic course to the Advance course to the Third degree course over a period of 9 months.

The Basic part covers all the basic things of understanding the letter formations ,the stroke formations and the supporting traits that form the base of any handwriting.

The advance level goes deeper into the character and explores the core and the root causes, including the power of your signature and the impact it has in your life.

While the Third degree connects the mind with the body and explore the traits in handwriting essential for the overall wellbeing of a person.

These 9 months of your life will be the most memorable days where you will actually feel and understand the meaning of transformation right from day one.

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